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10 Things you should be cautious about during the Halloween

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Many of us are excited for the coming Halloween party this coming November, since we are just celebrating it once a year. Even kids are very excited to attend to at least one Halloween party to experience the thrill entering into a dark place decorated with some hanging bats and pumpkins around the floors with lights inside it waiting for the costumed people to surprise them by either giving them a treat or a trick.  Enjoying Halloween party is good, but we should also be careful during the event to avoid any bad things to happen. Here are some things we need to consider during the event.

  1. Lighted Candles


Since most of the participants for the Halloween party will be kids accompanied by some of adults or some parents, it is dangerous to play with lighted candles placed in the dark room of the event as this may cause big fire and might burn not just the things, but also the kids inside. It is important to place the candles far from the kids playing, so that this will prevent to have big fire. Also, parents and kids must stay away from the lighted candles decorations, since their costumes are made of synthetic fire materials that once lit, can spread very fast.

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