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10 Things You Can Do Or Visit When You Visit Dubai

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Planning a tour to Dubai, the incredible city? Here’s the top-ten things you must do there.

  1. Desert Safari


The current super-city of Dubai was once more of sand than anything else. To get a glimpse of what is was like before, you need to take a desert safari ride. There are many companies offering desert safari services in Dubai. You will get amazing services starting with a 4×4 Land Rover drive to Bedouin campsites followed by a fresh barbecued shawarma. You can still take a camel ride around the dunes if you wish. After an adventurous day, the evening will then bring an awesome experience as you sit in the darkness staring at the myriad of stars shinning away from the city. Some companies will couple it with other options like a belly-dance and falcon-handling entertainment to maximize your pleasure.

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