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10 Flowers You Can Grow Indoors in Flower Pots

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Have you ever wish to live in a home where you have your own flower pots in every corner of your living room? Then each day you wake up, you will visit them and try to water some of the dry soil and flowers and smell them. I know, some or most of us wish that we have some flower pots inside our homes or what they called as indoor flower pots, but what kind of flowers are we going to plant? Since there are many kinds of flowers out there and not all are possible to place inside our homes, then you can try to check the flowers below that are suitable for indoor:

  1. African Violet


Sometimes called as the “Yellowstone” plant, this flower plant has a light violet color that needs to be watered and keep the soil moist only for it to bloom. This plant doesn’t need more water for best result. This is an indoor plant and should have moderate light only.

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