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Top 15 traditional food of India

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Indian traditional foods are listed as one of the most delicious foods around the world. The Indian cuisine is not only very mouthwatering but also very healthy. India is famous about its rich culture, tradition, history and cuisines. It has become a hottest country for the tourists all over the world because of its diverse culture and foods. Traditional foods have special place and are cooked on various occasions and events. Rich spices and herbs are used in making Indian foods. A unique touch and blend of these spices and herbs give an extraordinary and unique taste, flavor to the food. People all over the country and world relish the food. Foreign tourists love Indian cuisine .Here I am going to share 15 traditional foods of India which are very popular all around.

  1. Biryani


Biryani is one of the most famous and traditional dish of India. It is a set of rice and meat with specific spices. Instead of meat you can also use eggs and vegetable too if you are a vegetarian.

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