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Why Goa (India) gets visited so much

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Goa is amazingly wonderful and stunning place to visit and it’s because of the captivating magnificence and splendid, this lovely place is on the top list of the travelers around the world. It is wonderful and a dreamland especially for the honeymooners. It is one such state in India whose attractive appeal and spellbinding excellence of the beaches magnets several honeymooners, tourists and beach lovers   from over and each corner of the world. Come to Goa for special vi to explore the splendid beauty f the place if you haven’t been here yet. You will find here amazing and wonderful options which will make your trip memorable and romantic.

From the purplish blue beaches to the attractive and beautiful greenery, Goa no doubt fascinates all people in India and around the world due to its rich culture   and traditions. Hence, here you will find much more then you think. It is a standout and most interesting amongst most fascinating cities in India where couples discover heaps of alternatives to appreciate and enjoy making their unique occasion an affair of their lifetime. There are numerous things to do and visit. Let’s see some common and most alluring things to do in Goa which makes this place astonishing and dazzling.

  1. Goa churches


Goa and its rich Christian legacy can’t be separated from each other.  The culture of Goa has been derived from its Christian impact to a vast extent. There are a lot of excellent and very stunning churches that carries a history with them.  These amazing churches will give you knowledge of the history and significance of the religion and Goa in Indian legacy.

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