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Conventional garments of India

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The primary thing which squints into our mind when we consider Indian culture is the conventional clothing. Though India is a wilderness to new varieties of attire its customary garments designs still have its place at the peak. Thus the main 10 conventional clothing of India are examined below. The highest 10 dress could be sited at sarees,Salwar Kameez, Churidaar, Lehenga Choli, Dhoti, Lungi.


Magnificence of Indian lady lies in the garments she wears. Most amazing and enchanting about the customary attire for ladies is the vivid show of the saris, In fact, when one thinks about a run of the mill Indian lady, the main thing that strikes the psyche is a lady clad in sari, an ever-enduring appeal since it is not cut or custom-made for a specific size, it is six meters in length and two meters wide and requests ability for one to dress oneself.  It is accessible in various materials like cotton, engineered, silk as indicated by the event. On the off chance that well used appropriately it can highlight and hide. This smooth clothing can be worn in various ways and its way of wearing, including shading and surface, is demonstrative of the status, age, occupation, district and religion of a lady.

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