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That time the year when the weather is crazy cold, snow falling and you just want to wear in layers every single clothe in your wardrobe. Do not worry, it is absolutely possible to dress to kill the cold and dress stylish at the same time. You do not need to look frumpy because you want to beat the weather.

In this article, we will discuss how to remain fashionable in winter.

  1. Draping your Jackets: Very simple right? And you get the fancy look plus you keep warm.
  2. A mini skirt with a long Cardi: Ladies can achieve that cozy looks by simply matching a short dress with a long Cardi to stay stylish and warm at the same time
  3. Turtlenecks do the trick too. You probably won’t consider turtlenecks because they do not look stylish to you. But you should give a second thought to that. There are a couple of goods you can achieve with turtlenecks; they are great to layer up especially with collared jackets and strappy dresses. And they are built to cover your body up real well to keep warm.
  1. Wear your summer clothes too. Most people just believe the need to have winter clothes ready for winter. How about wearing some of those nice summer ones with some adjustments? For example, wear a long sleeves shirt under a shirt with short sleeves. With that you are layered up and still slim and all warm up. Getting creative is the key here and you will be surprised how much stylishness you can pull off by just mixing and matching your clothes for the different seasons.
  2. Leggings: Get some liquid leggings, they retain all the heat you need and they are great for night outs and even office use, but in combination with some matching piece. You can pair them with brogues and enjoy the style.
  3. How about Faux fur?However you use them, they are just sweet. You don’t have to be all round up in full Faux fur, a fur scarf or just as coat collar and you are good.
  1. Go for scarves: only the solid patterns will help you now. No one needs to teach on how the tiny novelty ones are of no use to you when it comes to keeping warm.Make your choice of pashminas in wool or cashmere. You can even have them blended in an absolutely cozy style. The good thing about them is their versatility. One on your neck will give warmth and fill the neck, and you are either ready to go or you put a jacket on it and set out. r a blend these scarves are toasty without being bulky, stylish, and versatile. You can wrap them round the throat once you are stationed.
  2. How about Gloves?You can absolutely remain fashionable with gloves. The right choice of gloves look quite chic and they keep you so warm. You definitely want to buy few pairs to keep you warm and add that chic look to your winter outfits. People stock up on gloves before winter since it’s more economical to get them then. The magic in gloves is when you get colorful ones and not only classic black. Wearing colored gloves is kind of out of the regular for most people but it will lighten you up, plus being different from the regular has its sparks.
  3. Your winter or ankle boots: with a pair of over-the-knee books or ankle boots, and a short or mini dress, I imagine a very fashionable winter look. You can also match your ankle boots with jeans or skirts depending on the occasion, to keep warm and stylish.
  4. Do not wear your coat without a belt: Coats are the most worn in winter and it may get all boring wearing them every now and then, so what you can do to ton up is match your coat with a statement belt to give a stylish shape and a different and interesting look.
  5. Hats: hats are great accessories to make you stand out in winter. I mean, it doesn’t have to be all coats and boots. Nice hats will give you a stylish look and they keep your head warm too.
  6. Wraps: We all seem not to know how much wraps can brand us. Whenever the weather isn’t too crazy cold, your Wraps, shawls, ponchos come in handy. And for the crazy cold winter, just use a coat on them .A poncho or a nice wrap can help you with more options for winter, you can use them with clothes that may otherwise not fit for winter and the effect they have is just ace.


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