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Top Most Expensive Cell phones of all time

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The “Information Age” or what others are calling as the “Computer Age”, “Digital Age” or “New Media Age” is becoming more advance so fast that made the lives of the human beings or consumers lighter and even better if we can analyze it. If we can go back few years or at least 20 – 25 years before, we only have landlines and beepers as a way of communication to the people we need to talk. Years after, cell phones were born and so beepers died, this was the time when the information technology age is booming. At that time, black and white big bar phones are the trends in the market and if you are one of the people who have these phones, you are considered as high or rich and famous. Today, we can see lots of people owning cell phones, not just black and white but also colored and touch screens too. We can rarely see users of big black and white cell phones and this is all because of the technology. Since we are gearing towards the improvement, there are lots of well known and expensive phones available in the market, not just with the great features, but also with great designs too. Below are some of the lists of the most expensive cell phones of all time:

  1. Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone 6

The most expensive and latest brand of Apple in the market is offering today is Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone 6 worth around 95.5M dollars. As a consumer, you may think that this phone do have many diamonds around it, because of the name itself, but this device only have one big 18 karat diamond in it that catches the attention of the many consumers. Actually, Apple is offering two colors of diamonds for this phone, one is blue and the other is pink, but lots of people says that diamond is pink and so maybe the color itself is included in the name of this iPhone.

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