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How to Detect you are an Introvert and How to Change it

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We all have different personalities because we are created differently. No person has exactly the same personality with the other person. You may notice that a person may have some of the traits or characteristics with the other person, but not all are the same, because we are created uniquely. In short, people may be either an introvert or an extrovert. The question is how do you know if you are an introvert person? To give you an idea, an introvert person prefer to have a solitary activity even if he or she is within the large group of people, but this does not mean something negative to you. Let us see some of the description in order for you to know if you are an introvert person.

  1. Good listener

If you are one of those persons who do listen most of the time before you speak then it is already a sign that you are an introvert. Introverts do listen and watch from the presentation or the speaker to get some notes or information first before they react. This is to prepare themselves before allowing to join in a conversation.

  1. Self-sufficient

Another way to detect is if you are one of those independent people. If you have the characteristic not to depend on someone else’s help for your needs and wants then it is a sign. This is because you believe that it is irrational to depend on other person to take care of your needs and wants. Also, you do not want to feel empowered.

  1. Focused

Concentration or staying in focused is also one of the characteristics you have if you are one. As mentioned above, introverts are a good listener and so they are also a good observer. They do pay attention on almost everything such as verbal and non verbal sign too. Their super focus to almost everything they can get helps them to avoid anything to miss and at the same time avoid any misunderstanding from any such thing.

  1. Easy to Please

Introverts are not hard to please as they do not need much in order for them to make happy or contented in their life. They live a simple life and so most of the time you can see them relaxing at the comfort of their own home rather than outside and having fun at the bar or party.

  1. Observant

Aside from being focused and good listener, introverts are also a good observer. It is normal for them to quickly detect any changes within the organization.

  1. Trustworthy

Most people do want introverts, because of their capacity to keep secrets. Introverts do not easily trusts everyone and so they do not easily share any detail of information.

  1. Committed

Aside from the above lists, they are also committed in attaining their goals. They have that drive in order to achieve their personal goals and they are that focused too. They wanted to give their energy in a goal to become successful.

Although introverts have the above traits, some do wanted to change it or become more or less extrovert. The question is how change it. Below are some of the lists to help you:

  1. Get Along or Engage with People

If you wanted to become more extrovert and change, then one thing you can do is to try to engage with the other people especially when you are in a party. You can start by smiling and saying “Hi” or “Hello” to the people you meet. Try to introduce yourself and also ask their names too, because normally this will become the first step in engaging with people.

  1. Talk and Interrupt

Some of the introverts who wanted to change is to practice talking with the other person, because in this way they also engage in the group conversation. They also practice to interrupt, but in a good and respectful way.

  1. Attract Attention

Attracting the attention of any group or people is one of the hard way for introvert person, because they are mostly quiet and just wanted to observe the crowd. If you wanted to experiment, you can gain the attention of the people in a small group, so that you will have the feel and idea on what it is to be one.  You can start slow and just get better as you do it often.

  1. Be assertive

Asserting yourself with the crowd is also a good step. Grab the chance if you have to speak and make sure that you can express yourself in a good way.


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