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How to Combat Hair Fall with Natural Remedies

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The worst nightmare any woman can witness is to experience massive hair loss or to have bald spots. From the very ancient time, hair had been considered as one of the most significant beauty parts of human being especially for women. A thick head of shiny, silky and beautiful hair has always been looked on as a blessing. Even there are several verses established in Bible regarding women with long and thick hair. But sometimes many of us suffer from a terrific crisis and that is hair fall. Even sometimes hair fall becomes a threat as it brings depression. 

Causes of Hair Fall:

Hair fall is strictly unwanted to everyone. I mean, seriously, is there anyone who wants to loss hair? Obviously not unless he or she is mentally imbalanced. But we often experience this horrible thing. There are some absolute reasons behind hair fall.

Sometimes, hair loss is caused due to some autoimmune diseases. Alopecia Areata is one of them. This disease attacks the hair follicles and creates hair fall. But mostly hormonal imbalance, thyroid problem, aging, stress, environmental pollutions, scalp infections, nutritional deficiencies, medicines which are allergic, drug addictions is the causes of Hair fall. But the most important reason for hair fall is imbalanced diet. We are very averse to follow a healthy diet plan. We are too obsessed with rich foods nowadays.

Unhealthy diet plan is creating hair loss in a massive rate.

Ingredients that Can Be Used to Reduce Hair Fall:

There are many useful ingredients to fight against hair fall. So you people who are disturbed with continuous hair fall pay your attention. Here you go with the names and introductions of those products.
Indian Gooseberry:
Indian Gooseberry has all the active essential elements to combat hair fall. It consists of vitamin C. Deficiency of vitamin C is one of the reasons for hair loss. Again antioxidant, antibacterial are present here. It is an effective herb to prevent hair loss. It should be used with lemon juice. For best results this mixture should be kept overnight. Then you have to rinse it off thoroughly with shampoo.


Fenugreek is another natural herb that works perfectly against hair fall. For best results soak Fenugreek seeds over night. Then make a paste and apply it to your scalp. Leave it for 40 minutes and wash your head with shampoo. This process should be continued for about a month. Fenugreek contains hormone antecedents that immune the hair follicles. It also contains protein which is very essential for hair growth.

Onion Juice:

According to the dermatologists around 74% of the people who applied onion juice experienced remarkable hair growth. Onion juice contains antibacterial properties that help to prevent hair loss. You have to grate the onion first and then collect the juice then apply it to your scalp. Leave it for 30 minutes and wash it. You will surely notice rapid growth of hair.

Alo vera: 

Aloe vera has been considered to be the most effective remedy for hair loss. It alleviates dandruff in a magical way. The alkalizing properties maintain hair’s ph level. It works great when you use the gel and leave it in you scalp for few hours. Then you should wash it with lukewarm water. Some other natural ingredients such as coconut milk, Chinese Hibiscus, Beetroot, Licorice root, Indian lilac, Egg white mask, Henna, Lemon juice, potatoes work tremendously against hair fall. You can also apply some hair masks.

Who doesn’t wish to get compliments regarding their hair? Everyone wants a head full of shiny beautiful hair that flickers with natural beauty. These natural remedies may come out like a blessing to your hair.

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