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Food Items You Must Try When You Visit Los Angeles

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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about Los Angeles? That’s a stupid question, right? What it can be but Hollywood? But I am going to tell you about some details which are way more enjoyable than Hollywood. And that is the mouth-watering cuisine of Los Angeles. It is a land that has introduced the world to fast food. It has a great influence over the American cuisine.

Foods That You Must Try in Los Angeles:

Los Angeles offers you a huge number of restaurants. From road side street foods to some elegant posh restaurants. But some signature dishes are must for you to try when you are down to Los Angeles. So, here you go with the details:
1. Hickory Burger, The Apple Pan:

This iconic platter is one of the famous dishes of Los Angeles. It is the most traditional burger with authentic taste. This burger offers you a beef patty, iceberg lettuce, mayo, smoky hickory sauce, pickles and cheddar cheese. This is an old school yet scoured dish.

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