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How to get professional style pedicure at home

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Unfortunately, time and cash don’t generally permit you to enjoy an evening in the salon enjoying in a relaxing environment and having a pedicure. But, with the correct pedicure tips, you can give yourself spa-quality pedicures at whatever time you need. Treat your feet to a relieving pedicure at home with these simple and easy to follow pedicure tips.

1- First step is to remove the nail polish from feet nails. Use a cotton ball to expel the nail polish from your toenails.

2-Clip your nails straight with the help of toenail scissors. Don’t use other normal scissor for this purpose.

3- With the help of a nail file shape your toenails and remove the sharp edges.

4- One of the best pedicure tips is to soak your feet for 15-minutes in a bowl or pedicure tub with warm water. This will help relax your feet and fingernail skin and also soften the bottoms of your feet. For additional relaxing advantages, include some salt and a couple drops of your most loved essential oil.  You will see a huge difference after you pull your feet out of the water. Your feet will be soft and clean.

5- Now time to use the pumice stone, wet it and clean the bottoms of your feet to expel dead skin and calluses very gently. Don’t rub too harsh this will damage your skin because A pumice stone is exceptionally rough, so don’t to clean your feet too hard.

6- Apply skin cream on your fingernail skin and use an orange stick to delicately drive them back. After you push the fingernail skin back, point the orange stick and move it in an ease back roundabout movement to evacuate the dead fingernail skin. Wipe the abundance fingernail skin cream away with a warm washcloth.

7-Use a foot cream to simple moisturizes the feet. Apply and softly massage the moisturizer into the feet for few minutes until it is absorbed into the skin of your feet.

8- Now you can dry your feet and apply nail polish. Nail polish won’t stick properly to oily or slick nails, so put some nail clean remover on a cotton ball and wipe the excess oil off your toes.

9- Apply two layers of your most loved nail shading to the toenails. Let each coat of this polish dry before applying another. After the nail shading dries, include a layer of clear defensive polish.

10-To clean the excess nail polish from the skin, cover it with a tissue around a fingernail skin stick, now dip the tissue in a nail polish remover and clean it on the skin around the toenails. After this, you will see how beautiful your feet are and this you achieved without wasting bucks in a beauty parlor.

To reduce the danger of bacterial infection or any kind of feet fungal you should clean your pedicure apparatuses after each use. Wash carefully the tools with warm foamy water and let them dry.

With these simple and easy at-home pedicure tips, you can give yourself a similar quality, spa-style pedicure you would get at a salon. So time to try this amazing home pedicure and give a new, clean and beautiful look to your feet.

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