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 Taking care of your skin with leftover ingredients in the kitchen

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People do various things and use number of beauty product to get rid of acne and other skin issue. But they don’t realize that treating your skin with kitchen leftover is the ideal way to get rid of all skin problems. Yes, you heard right because there natural leftovers such as fruits and vegetable are ideal for your skin. They give you a smooth, glowing and fresh skin that will enhance your beauty and will also add confidence to your personality. Let’s see some of the common leftovers in the kitchen with which you can get a glowing skin.

Apple cider vinegar

Yes, it is mostly used in dressing the vegetable salad. It helps to kill the pathogens commonly known as bacteria in your skin. You can clean your skin with this vinegar and can get a glowing skin. It also helps to remove the dead skin and stops acne. Hence after few days of its use, you will find a new glowing and fresh skin without wasting your money on high expensive beauty products.


Avocado is the ideal fruit for your skin as it has the ability to penetrate the skin. It helps your from sunburn, treat age spots and also boost collagen production. You can apply it on your skin like a face mask and leave it till dry. You can also combine it with honey and almond oil as all things are already in your kitchen.


You might have some pumpkin left from Halloween. Yes, no need to waste it as it helps you get glowing smooth clear skin. Pumpkins are no doubt great for your skin. It is loaded with various vitamins such as A, C, E, minerals, and antioxidants which help you to eliminate the spots and rashes on your skin.


It is a famous saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but it is also true that an apple a day keep you aging skin away. Yes, you are right apple is one of the best anti-aging fruit and its mask can give you aging free clear and very smooth skin. You can also eat an apple for good skin and can rub the slice on your face daily. This will give you the skin you are looking for a long time.


It is also commonly available in your kitchen. It is the perfect antioxidant which gives you glowing skin. It is full of anthocyanin which is a powerful antioxidant that helps you prevent from wrinkles on your face. You can make its paste and apply this mask and as a result, a pink glowing skin will be waiting for you.


Carrot is high in beta-carotene which makes vitamin A by converting in your body. This vegetable is a must eat and apply in your daily diet. It will surely give you glowing skin and also battle against wrinkles and acne on your skin. After few days of regular use, you will find your skin glowing and healthy.

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