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8 DIY jewelry hacks

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Today we will talk about young ladies who adore beautiful jewelry and who have gathered beautiful jewelry accessories. We are certain that practically every girl will find this article helpful idea.

We generally require extra space in our home for everything and we generally attempt to locate the best solution for that, and only thus we have gathered for you this suggestion and hacks for the smart association of your jewelry. Underneath you will discover modest and simple to make extends that will help you a great deal with sorting out yourself and save time.

1-Jewelry cleaner

To give a new look to your silver jewelry take a bowl and a dish detergent, then add salt, aluminum foil and baking soda. Put the jewelry in the bowl for a few minutes, rub the jewelry with an old tooth brush and gently clean it. Rinse with clean water and sparkling jewelry is ready for any occasion. You can use this mixture of silver, sterling diamond and gold.

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