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Things To Know Before The Arrival Of A New-born

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Being a mother is the most wonderful feeling for a woman. The feeling when the little one comes out of yourself to smile at the world is just priceless. Being a mother is also a matter of huge responsibility and the arrival of the baby puts a stamp on that. But we cannot simply put all the burden on the mom and excuse the father. They are equally responsible for the apt welcome and healthy upbringing of the baby. So there are certain things every would-be parent should keep in mind.

Go With The Flow: Do not always trust the approximate delivery date given by the doctors. If the due date is in February and you are all set to welcome the baby in spring, it might arrive in December or January destroying all your plans. So, be prepared in every possible way to welcome the baby at any time especially in the last two months.

Take Care Of  The Mother’s Health: She carries the baby and nurtures it through her. So the importance of keeping her well and happy cannot be exactly described by words. A nutritious diet, proper rest and a peaceful mental state are must and everyone around her should ensure she gets enough of these. Smoking and taking alcohol should strictly be given up. Get enough sleep.

Connect With Your OB: Check all the tests she prescribes and does them accordingly. Show the reports and follow her advice. Also never forget to ask her the due date. Make her your best friends during the period.

Map Out Your Activities: Keep a check on your work regime. If you are a working woman, reduce activities that involve mental stress or painstaking physical labor. Talk to your boss and colleagues in order to inform your situation. Seek out help as it will be essential. Connect with the doctor and know your situation. If you can work till the very end that is fine. But if your physical condition is problematic, stop working and do take the pregnancy leave in time.  If you are a housewife, manage your household activities to control physical and mental stress. Involve your family members especially your husband in your daily chores. Wear comfortable clothes so you can move around easily. Same goes for the footwear. Get organized as much as you can to avoid mental fatigue.

Be Emotionally Stable: Pamper yourself. Connect with family and friends. Reach out to relatives. Share your experiences and listen to theirs. Go on a romantic date with your husband. All these activities will recharge you mentally and prepare you to take the big responsibilities coming up.

Structure Childcare Plans: It will start from the operating charges to get your baby out to see the world. You have to carefully measure out the expenses at every level. From proper nutrition, medical checkups, appropriate clothes to making arrangements in the house, try to plan required tools and expenses as much as possible. Save money for your child right from the very beginning. You might take the help of government schemes if available or insurance companies.

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