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Water – The Importance of Taking It

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If we look around our environment, one thing is very easy to find— water. This element of nature is crucial to our survival. Besides eating nutritious foods, we must drink the proper amounts of water in order to stay fit.

Compared to the adults, kids require higher amounts of water with regards to body weight. Kids run the risk of dehydration as they often fail to understand when they need to drink water, especially when they lose body fluid, for example, while playing or doing things that interest them as they remain focused on that thing only. The thirst mechanism of children is not so well developed like that of adults. Even mild dehydration may cause weakness, dizziness, failure to concentrate, headache, reduced physical and mental abilities etc. 2% loss of bodily fluid may cause 20% reduction in physical and mental abilities. 75% of the body of a newborn child consists of water. Water consists 60% of our body. Our bodies constantly keep losing water through various natural processes such as sweating, responding to the call of nature etc. The necessary nutrients and oxygen in our body are carried to cells by water. Various organs are internally cleaned by water. So the body needs water in order to be safe from toxins produced within the body. Water also contributes to controlling body temperature. A man can survive only a few days without water; in extreme situations it can even be a few hours. Without water, the immune system of the body must fail. The digestive system of the body also largely depends on water. Drinking insufficient water leads to kidney failure. The joints in the body need water to move smoothly. Water works as a lubricant for the joints. Our eyes, nose, ears and throat remain slippery as we drink water. Water keeps our skin moist protects the vital organs.

Drinking water is especially important for athletes for they spend a large part of the day doing physical labour, which causes extensive dehydration. In order to remain fit before, while and after exercise, they must drink a large amount of water every day. Not drinking enough water would reduce their working ability and may even cause unconsciousness while practicing. Dehydration in case of athletes may result in muscle cramp, nausea, vomiting and hard and fast heartbeats. Heat cramps, heatstroke, heat exhaustion, low blood pressure, irritability are also some of the dangerous results of dehydration. Athletes should keep drinking water frequently in little amounts rather than waiting until they are very thirsty. It will keep their body always fit to work.

Women should drink a lot of water during pregnancy. Water is necessary for carrying essential nutrients and minerals to the fetus in the womb. That is why pregnant women should drink more water than non-pregnant ones should. A pregnant woman, besides eating and drinking for the baby in the womb, also excretes for it. An extra amount of water is necessary to remove the extra waste materials from the body. It also helps relieve constipation, headache or swollen feet which are common in pregnant women. So a pregnant woman should be careful to drink enough water for the well being of herself and her baby.

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