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Ways to stay motivated

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Personal motivation is the key to moving forward in life. If you are not motivated, you will waste time building up your weaknesses and ruining your personal and professional lives. Even the most determined people may feel demotivated sometimes. So here are some tips and tricks to stay motivated!

  • Remember your goals

We must always think about the goals to be achieved in the short and long term. If you start to lose sight of these goals then you will be more demotivated than if you are looking to go step by step and get closer to the ultimate goal. Keeping your motivations in mind and seeing you progressing can help you keep it day after day.

  •    Check your progress every week

Everyone needs to know if he is getting closer to the goal set to stay motivated. If you see that you are making progress every week, it will motivate you more and you will be happy. On the contrary, if you see that you lose a little foot, then it is time to put yourself back on the right path.

  • Be sure to congratulate yourself each time you reach your weekly goal

It can be a simple bowl of ice after a long week of exercise and sports. Or a spa for all the work done. The rewards that will get you going are the ones you need to focus on.

  •  Take breaks every now and then

Sometimes even the most motivated people may find themselves submerged. A break is then well deserved. If your goal is sport-related, then take 3-4 days off instead of the usual 1 or 2 days. If your goal is related to school, do not try to do your job all at once, but spread it over an entire week if possible.

  •  Watch and read motivational speeches or stories

Everyone needs to be motivated from time to time. Watch videos about moments that inspire you and you’ll see that motivation will come back on its own.

  •    Eliminate distractions

Identify what drives you to procrastination and get rid of it. You will not be motivated as long as you waste your time with these objects.

If you’re wasting time surfing the web, install a “productivity” extension on your browser. These tools allow you to block certain sites or set limits on time spent on the Internet.

  •  Increase your personal stakes

Appointments important for you and for others. Set up a penalty system if you do not act. Talk about your plans to friends and family. If you do not do what you said, they will know it and it will embarrass you more and give you a good reason to do it!

  •  Do some sport

Go running, jumping or boxing. Even a light exercise in the morning can help you feel better, active and dynamic. It has even been proven that exercising can combat depression and raise confidence in yourself which is perfect for personal motivation!

Stay positive. Whatever one may say, motivation goes hand in hand with a positive attitude. Even when things are not going well, do not forget to keep your head up and move forward whatever happens.

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