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Why should you buy GOOGLE PIXEL MOBILE

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The Pixel and Pixel XL, Google’s first homegrown smart phones are here and getting attention of the tech savy’s. They are already getting some positive reviews and getting caught up in upgrade fever. But the fact is when the halo wears off, whether the customers are gonna be still mesmerized or not. So here are some key points to drive away your doubts about the Google’s new bee in the town:

1.Camera: Cameras of Nexus phone have not been consistent. They have been good, but great. Luckily the problem has been solved with this new comer. With the upgrade of the core and better software and processing, Pixel and Pixel XL have shown a great difference. They have come into direct competition with iphone7 with more natural contrast and accurate colors and lighter touch on post- tweaking. Plus, these cameras are really very fast! It works great on the low light. The 12.3-megapixel sensor with EIS including an f/2.0 aperture gives a performance which hasn’t been seen in any other device.

  1. Video Quality: This has video image stabilization where the users left to think whether the phone has frozen or not! This quality helps to shoot most stably even with the unsteadiest hands and produce really smooth videos!
  2. Spacious: Another big point about the phone is the owner gets endless Google cloud storage where he can store all his photos and videos and in their full resolutions. Which means whatever you shoot on your pone, it will be immediately offloaded on the cloud leaving places in your phone.
  3. Fast Charging: Like other smart phones, it gets charged super fast. Google marketing says, is said that the phone can charge about 7 hours worth of battery life in 15 minutes. Pixel has a 2770mAh battery in it, which is comparably smaller than other smart phones and it is needed to be charged every night. Pixel XL has 3450 mAh battery in it which helps the phone run through all day and the next one too!
  4. OS updates: Android users always suffer from their OS updates which sometimes take really long time! Again the experience with the new updates brings subpar, glitch scrolling, juddering animations and laggy apps. Pixel and Pixel XL don’t suffer problems like this. Thanks to the edgy hardware inside containing821 processor of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon and 4 GB of memory. Credit definitely goes to Google’s optimization because smooth performance takes more than latest hardware parts. As Google launches its devices with new OS always, Pixel and Pixel xl has come with a completely untouched version of Android, called Nougat. The skin is amazing, the android is pure goodness. So this device is perfect for the perfect experience of pure, raw and unadulterated Android.
  5. Solitaire: Google has installed solitaire and other games which will work for you as emotional balms while working through understanding the phone.
  6. Security: Invasion on your phone has been a matter of tension since we have all our data stored up in our phones. Therefore, Google offers fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone to ensure your security.


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