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How to determine if you have a split personality?

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Personality disorder Split is the common name for a psychological phenomenon called dissociative identity disorder that often shows up after a trauma.

Most of the time, the person does not realize his split personality. The consequences can be serious on his work, his couple life, his family life or his finances and put him in danger (dangerously driving his car, incurring debts, being violent towards a loved one …).

If you have lost time periods and people say you said something you do not remember, you might have symptoms of personality disorder split. While you can easily discern if you have any symptoms, always consult a doctor for a diagnosis and treatment.

How to determine if you have a split personality?

It should be noted that the other personality, called “pathological”, is completely different from the normal personality. It appears at once or gradually, at certain times or forever. Different symptoms can characterize it according to the cause.

  • Make notes of all the days or occasions that you do not remember. For example, it is Thursday and Monday was your birthday, but you cannot remember what you did that day. Determine if you have trouble, where your consciousness seems to jump from one place to another with time gaps between the two, or you are somewhere but you do not know how you got there. These are signs of having a split personality, which is far more extreme than mere memory loss or forgetfulness.
  • Ask your friends and family if you have had a radically different behavior. Other personalities tend to take their own appearance, habits, gestures…etc.
  • Pay attention to the reaction of people around you. Strangers may seem to know you or call you by another name. They convey a series of events for you that you do not remember and inquire about changing your appearance or behavior.
  • Listen to the voice in your head. If it’s your voice and only yours, you cannot have a double personality. If you hear multiple voices that sound different and none of them is yours, you can show signs of dissociative disorder of identity.
  • Look in your diary or other written materials that you usually use. Check if the writing is yours or for someone else. If there are changes in writing, it could be a sign of another personality.
  • Look in the mirror and see if you recognize yourself and if you don’t, then this is another sign that you may have a split personality.
  • Assess your general feeling of existence. If you feel troubled or desensitized or if you watch the world go by without being engaged in it, you may want to speak with a doctor or a mental health professional to determine if you are having split personalities.
  • Inconsistencies in behavior or speech: such as getting to collect plastic bags for no consistent reason or buying the same garment several times.

Treatment depends on the cause of the double personality. The psychiatrist prescribes antidepressants, mood regulators or neuroleptics depending on the case.

Psychotherapy with a psychologist is strongly encouraged to help the person return to his/her “normal” personality.

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