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How to let go of your anxiety?

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You must not fight against anxiety, but you must try to tame it.

It is not a fight but an acceptance.

It is not a struggle, but a letting go.

Because trying to overcome anxiety is doomed to failure.

The more you struggle against it, the more the anxiety increases. On the other hand, the more you accept it, the more it decreases.

Anyone who claims to help you and use phrases such as “Overcome Anxiety”, “Fight Anxiety  …” do not help you.

They keep you in the illusion that anguish is your enemy, and that you can beat it. But it’s wrong! And worse, this idea aggravates your situation.

Understand this because it is essential: You cannot defeat anxiety!

On the other hand, it is possible to tame it, to accept it, to let go of.

When you have accepted this reality, and you begin to adopt the right state of mind, you will notice a marked decrease in the symptoms associated with anxiety, and decrease the number of panic attacks.

How to let go of your anxiety?

In order to tame anxiety, it is necessary to begin by accepting it.

Originally, the anxiety did not happen by chance. It appeared to make us aware of a message. We would have preferred to have this message by mail or sms but it is not possible! Our unconscious mind does not know these means of communication; its means are emotions, sensations, intuitions.

But if we do not hear these messages the first time, it becomes a little more violent and a little less pleasant. Our unconscious mind then sends us messages in the form of anxiety, oppression, back pain … A lot of unpleasant sensations to tell us: “There is something wrong!”

The first step is to accept your situation:

“I’m anxious, it’s not nice, but I accept the situation. I accept the idea that anxiety is there for good reason. I will try to see the message behind it. ”

So you have to be attentive to what your unconscious is trying to tell you. It may be interesting to have a notebook and note the slightest clues, the fears that trigger the crisis, the ignored needs, the forgotten desires, the repressed emotions. Also, pay attention to your dreams that may reveal other clues.

You can attempt to decode these messages alone, through meditation, reading, and introspection, or accompanied, using psychotherapy.

But already, if you do not try to fight it, you stop making it the number one enemy to shoot, you will feel that the symptoms of anxiety will be lighter, and you can live with it.

Abdominal breathing

You can accompany this process through the practice of abdominal breathing.

The letting go

The total acceptance goes through the letting go. It is not simple, but it can be learned, especially through meditation. I advise you to start today and to practice a little every day. Learning and practicing letting go is essential to tame it.

Take care of your diet

Another very important point is to look after your diet, in order to have good energy to perform these exercises. Eating well conditions our mindset, so it is essential to pay attention to what you eat.

Well nurturing your mind

We have about 50,000 thoughts a day. In order to be positive, you must first “feed your mind” with positive: have positive conversations, read positive quotes, positive books. Also, limit the incoming negative information.

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