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Best Places to Visit in America During Summer

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The warmth of summer comes with the waving of exotic places inviting you to visit them and make memories. A well spent summer vacation in a country like America is something to cherish throughout your life. There are a lot of places in America to spend your summer vacation. Here are some suggestions of places you can visit during summer.

Arizona: The Grand Canyon’s Backdoor

This amazing place is visited by four million people every year. Here you can enjoy the rumbling of the gentle Colorado river. You can drive there and camp free of cost beside a three thousand foot cliff and have a pleasant and thrilling walk to the bottom. The access point is called Tuweep which offers a dramatic view of the landscape all around. Getting to Tuweep is a bit challenging and involves tough roadways (you have to cross 62.5 miles of rough and steep road) but once you get there you’ll forget all the hardship and enjoy a remote and rustic environment. You need reservation permit for camping and you must arrive before sunset if you have the permit.

Here you can have a memorable walk to the Lava Falls Trail. Be careful about rattlesnakes. Bring your food and water as no water is available.

Road Trip: Gulf Coast

Get ready for a mind blowing three day long 700 mile road trip along the Gulf Coast. You’ll be taking a beautiful road from New Orleans to South Walton, Florida. If you spend a few days in New Orleans, you can have a filling and refreshing breakfast at Satsuma Café on the way out of town. You can enjoy their exclusive Mexican breakfast or Green Breakfast Sandwich. If you are in Louisiana you must visit Champagne’s Cajun Swamp Tours on Lake Martin. You can grab the offer of a year round tour there. You can also enjoy seeing animals like snakes and alligators and birds of various kinds. At Lake Martin, you can have restroom facilities. Here you can also visit Tabasco Sauce factory and see how the factory functions.

If you are in Louisiana you must not miss visiting Nottoway Plantation and Resort, a sugarcane estate of 1850’s, which is proud to have South’s largest existing antebellum mansion. Its magnificent white columns and spacious balconies stand proudly over the mighty Mississippi River and the famous River Road. Here you’ll have guided mansion tours and deluxe rooms to stay at night along with exquisite dining facilities and meeting facilities ballrooms.

Alaska: The Marine Highway

From Bellingham to Dutch Harbour, the pleasant and worth remembering 3,500 mile voyage is a way to spend your summer vacation. You can have a pleasant journey on a humble sized ferry. You can have a walk or a bicycle ride or simply drive your own vehicle. Payment amount depends on the distance you travel and whether you hire a vehicle or book your cabin and also the how big a vehicle you take. As your ferry hits a port, you may choose either to walk or drive. Here you’ll have vessels of various sizes and agents helping you plan your trip

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