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How to determine if you are overly attached to your work

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Have you ever been told that you are overly attached to your work? People quickly stick this label to someone who works late at night and is always very busy. But how to determine if you really one of those workaholics?

Here is a small list of some typical characteristics of those who are too attached to their work.

  • This category of people works day and night, literally and figuratively. Some people hardly see their bed at night because they are still in full working. Others do their best to stop working on time but are constantly busy with their work, and always have beside their bed a lot of little lists with everything they still have to do the next day.
  • For those who work during the week, the weekend is normally a moment of rest and relaxation. Those who feel happy to see the weekend coming because they will catch up with late work, are certainly overly attached to their work.
  • The lunch break usually consists of a baked sandwich in a few minutes at your desk. The term ‘lunch break’ does not enter into your vocabulary and moving to the kitchen to eat something is in your eyes a waste of time.
  • An overly attached to his work has already forgotten at least once the birthday of one of his children, his wife, his parents or his best friends. Important meetings are marked in red in his diary, but important meetings or important events sometimes elude him.
  • Someone who likes to have everything in hand will soon have too much work. “Delegate” is the code word to avoid overflow of work. “Do it yourself, it will be better done”, is the creed of those overly attached to their work.
  • The workaholics hardly understand that others go home by the hour at the end of the day, while they still have mountains of work. They continue until they have done what they want to do, even if their work-life balance is seriously disrupted.
  • You will never see a workaholic without a Blackberry or a mobile phone. He loses it for only five minutes, and he feels naked. This even stresses him and prevents him from functioning normally.
  • Ask whomever overly attached to his work what he is doing, and you will not get a clear answer right away. Those addicted to their work are often struggling with so many simultaneous projects that they are unable to tell right away what they are actually working on. It is also difficult for them to say ‘no’ so that they always find themselves with more projects.
  • Workaholics are always busy. They feel guilty when they are not working and are experiencing stress. During their holidays or during the weekend too, they always do something.

You certainly know some people around you who meet this description. If you respond to it yourself, try today to relax a little more.

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