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How to Dress When You Are plump?

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You are busty, you have wide hips … Your morphology is rather round. Not always easy to dress when you’re curvy and especially to be trendy when you do not exactly match the latest tops found on the first page of all magazines! However, there are plenty of ideas to dress your body, already feminine.

What to choose?

Thanks to some well-chosen elements and one or two accessories, dressing like a diva is possible, whatever your morphology! Some essential to have in your closet.

High-waisted pants, fluid, long if you’re tall, and a little shorter if you’re small. Choose wide if you want to conceal your thighs.

A jacket that will arrive under the hips. It should not be too wide so it will put your neckline in value, even more, if you are busty.

A long evening dress, fluid, tight at the chest and flared below.

A thin belt to fall on the hips.

Clothes with vertical lines. They will give a slimming effect by lengthening the silhouette.

Fluid materials, vertical drop to give more structure.

Tops with long and ample sleeves. Avoid bustiers and tank tops if you have thick arms.

Tunics, long shirts always slightly bent or to wear with a belt.

Fake fashion you should not commit

Because we must not live dangerously, here is the list of horrors (and not mistakes you will have noticed) to avoid:

The short jacket that crushes the chest: if you have large hips they will be multiplied by two…!

The low-rise trousers: if you have generous shapes, jeans or other trousers may descend at the slightest movement.

The mini skirt.

The lattice pants (paratrooper): his pockets thicken the hips.

Overlays of clothing, except possibly the longshoremen.

Small short tops. Heed to belly overflowing.

Closed jackets.

The shiny fabrics and stretch materials that let everything appear.

Tips to refine your silhouette

If you are confident and outgoing lady, it is you that we will see first, not your curves.

Take a look at the parts of your body that you prefer, whether they are round or not. You will like the look on you and will be all the sexier.

Black and dark colors can hide curves, reduce volumes … Do not abuse it anyway. We can be round and wear color.


Harmonize patterns and accessories to your curves: choose imposing jewels, voluminous hairstyles, it will harmonize your silhouette.

Contrary to popular belief, it is better to wear clothes a little adjusted than too wide.

If you want to wear black or dark colors, choose only one piece per outfit. The straight cut black pants are a wardrobe essential. Wear it with pastel shades or strong colors.

Beyond black, do not be afraid of colors! They will enhance your complexion and will not fatten you if you wear them in the right places of your figure. Wear them in gradients, darker colors should be the outermost layers of your outfit. For example, wear a white tank top with a soft nude vest and finish with a mottled grey jacket.

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