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The best car GPS in 2017

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GPS navigators are small portable devices that give you precise and specific directions, even in areas where there is no network. They are much better than GPS smartphone apps because they do not use data and they do not drain your laptop battery. Whether you need a simple direction for a job interview or a complete step-by-step itinerary for your tour of Europe, the best GPS device will make you arrive safely and efficiently. They have an array of features that make driving even more enjoyable and less stressful.

Here is the 2 best GPS in 2017

Garmin DriveLuxe 51 LMT-S – The Best GPS in Navigation

The Garmin DriveLuxe 51 LMT-S is equipped with a suction cup holder for attaching it to the windscreen and a magnet for detaching and remit the GPS. It is also equipped with a car lighter and USB cable. With its 5-inch screen – 13 centimeters diagonal – it offers undeniable reading comfort.

The original package includes 46 countries including all European territories. Thanks to its built-in wifi, it updates as soon as possible, downloads new maps, and synchronizes its data with TripAdvisor to advise you the best places around you. Restaurants, cafés, gas stations or observation points … This box will, therefore, suit both a driver who is seeking efficiency and a walker who wants to discover the surroundings.

It has a camera which has become the norm since 2016 on most modern GPS. With the Garmin DriveLuxe 51, you can choose between 720 and 1080p. The quality is correct and sufficient to present it to an insurance company for example.

Garmin Nuvi 2589LM – One of the best car GPS

This GPS has all the navigation features you need in a GPS. It is preloaded with maps, so you can start moving and use it the day you buy the device.

It includes maps covering all Western and Eastern Europe. It also features with lifetime card updates, so you will never drive with false and not up to date indications. If you want to get maps from other regions and countries, you can buy these maps from the Garmin website and load them directly onto your device.

The display is tactile and uses capacitive technology, which is the same touch technology used for your smartphone screen. This means that the Nuvi 2589LMT is considerably more reactive than its counterparts that use old resistive touchscreens. If you want to add more cards to the Nuvi 2589LMT, you have to do it via a micro-SD card. This feature expands the device’s memory and allows it to hold even more cards simultaneously.

While today the vast majority of drivers have a smartphone, the GPS market is resisting shortness of breath based on two phenomena. The first is that less informed users continue to rely on GPS when navigating and that they will, therefore, remain a faithful customer base. The products available to this market are often of rather poor quality and can be easily replaced by an application. The second is the innovation performed by the brand which enables it to remain indispensable. Brands such as TomTom or Garmin will further produce GPS in these ranges, which offer unrivaled ease of use and business-worthy options.

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