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The best Office applications for Android in 2017

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Our Android tablets and smartphones are increasingly taking the place of our computers: we surf the Internet, send emails, watch videos … and take notes. The big hitch of mobile devices today is finding the right application for note taking, creating presentations or tables. Which one to choose, with what is it compatible, how to use it?

Microsoft Office

Difficult not to start this selection without mentioning the Microsoft Office suite. On the computer, it is the ultimate reference for many years already, we find it pre-installed on many devices in professional environments. Expected for a long time on the mobile OS of Google, the Office suite of the firm of Redmond is finally available on Android. In short, we can find information such as the famous Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Of course, these mobile versions are far from being as rich as the desktop versions in terms of features. Microsoft’s Android applications, however, remain very interesting alternatives for synchronizing your OneDrive data, simply by connecting your account. In addition, Office 360 subscribers can take advantage of advanced features, including the ability to track document changes in real-time.

The Microsoft Office suite of applications is available on the Play Store. Here is one of the most popular: Microsoft Word:

Version of the app: 16.9.7531.1011

App Size: 63.8 MB

Compatibility of the app: Android 4.4 or more

Economic model: free with purchases in the application.

Google Suite (G Suite)

After the Microsoft Office suite, we have to introduce you the Google suite. A little competition cannot hurt. In this fight of giants, Google has decided to propose its own alternatives to Microsoft applications. For example, Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides are available on Google Play.

This is the opportunity to keep track of all your files synchronized online (in the cloud). You can also edit your documents from your mobile, and continue your work. Docs allows you to edit a text, Sheets is dedicated to spreadsheets and Slides is dedicated to presentations, so they are alternatives to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint respectively.

For those who want to work continuously, Google Drive is the office suite you need. Its integration on Android is a success and the continuous updates of the applications bring their batch of innovations throughout the year.

Here is, for example, Google Docs, the Google alternative of Microsoft Word.

Version of the app: 1.6.412.11.34

Size of the app: 35, 8 Mo

Compatibility of the app: Android 4.1 or more

Business model: completely free

OfficeSuite + PDF Editor

Here is another alternative to the previously mentioned applications, but this time they are not individual but all incorporated in the same app. It has many features, including all Microsoft Office formats and basic text formats (.rtf and .txt), but open OpenOffice formats are not supported. Many templates are included, making it easy to create new documents, PDFs can be annotated, and the application integrates a spell checker with several dictionaries that can be installed.

This application is, of course, available on the Play Store:

Version of the app: 8.8.6139

Size of the app: 59.7 MB

Compatibility of the app: Android 4.0 or higher

Business model: free with purchases in the application

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