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The Three Paradises of Yucatán

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The Yucatán peninsula is one of the most interesting places in the world for a dream holiday. In this peninsula, one finds the territories of three Mexican states, namely Campeche, Quintana Roo and Yucatán.

The main tourist attractions of the peninsula are the Mayan temples, the resorts of Quintana Roo (Riviera Maya and Cancún), the cenotes, the old colonial cities and their churches…

The peninsula also contains nearly a quarter of Mexican haciendas. These areas, which date back to Spanish colonization, had fallen into disuse. Some have become charming hotels.


  • Chichen Itza (state of Yucatan)

The Mayan archeological site with a great Toltec influence of Chichen Itza is classified as World Heritage by UNESCO. It is the most touristy Yucatan and probably the most visited of the Mayan world. The pyramid called Castillo by the Spanish conquistadors is one of the 7 wonders of the modern world. The site receives the most visitors during the spring and autumn equinoxes, especially spring (March 20th or 21st) because it also corresponds with the dates of the high season of the American spring break (although many young spring breakers do not leave the beaches and clubs of Cancun.)

If you are on the Yucatan Peninsula on an equinox day, then go to Chichen Itza: the sun creates a shadow on the stairs of the pyramid that represents the body of the feathered Kukulcan and at the foot of the steps, there are two snake heads. The interpretation is that the god descends among the earthlings twice a year. This proves the very pointed astronomical knowledge of the Maya.

The pyramid is a pure masterpiece, the architecture is perfect and very well preserved and renovated. Yes, there are people but it’s so big that you all come in and you can all enjoy the site comfortably. And do not be selfish, we cannot have a beautiful site, without sharing it with other travelers and without the locals make a profit! So yes, there are lots of vendors of souvenirs between the different buildings and it’s a bit boring, but ignore and receive positive energy from the site. Visit not to be missed under absolutely no pretext!


  • Calakmul (state of Campeche)

Calakmul is an absolutely fantastic site in the middle of the jungle. You can quietly get lost among the ruins and trees that coexist beautifully. These trees growing in the middle of the old stones give a poetic stamp to Calakmul, a sort of world lost to Indiana Jones. In addition, the archaeological site is located in the heart of the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve, both listed as World Heritage by UNESCO. We are greeted by screaming monkeys making a noise of hell, colorful turkeys wandering among the ruins full of vegetation. Do not miss to climb the top of the two highest pyramids, from there we dominate the jungle to Guatemala. The site is not very easy to access by transport, it is much easier to go with his own car because the site is located 60 kms from the main road, and so hitchhiking in high season must to be playable.


  • Tulum (state of Quintana Roo)

What makes Tulum paradise is its location on the shores of the Caribbean Sea, it is the only Mayan site of Mexico located at the seaside. The ruins overhang the cliff lined with a fine white sand beach flour style with warm and turquoise sea. The ruins themselves are not of great archaeological interest, and are not extraordinary either, however the ballad among the old stones is nice. But do not miss to go down the stairs on the beautiful little beach, swimming in the sea offers a superb view of the cliffs and ruins.



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