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Eating Cereals? Are they really good for you?

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Cereal is eaten as a breakfast around the world. Both rich and poor countries consume cereal because of its readily availability and health value. There is the added advantage that is does not require any cooking.

We all love things that are easily accessible! Cereal tastes good too. Both kids and adults love it. The super market is filled with so many flavored cereal that everyone would get their pick.

Cereal too has some disadvantages. Below is a list of pros and cons and then you decide if you want to eat it everyday!

1. Readily availability
Cereal can be found everywhere. Every super market contains a large amount of cereal and some organizations also home delivers these items.

2. No cooking required
Cereal can be eaten with milk. There is no requirements of cooking.

3. Wide variety of flavors
Cereal comes in various shape, flavors and sizes. So anyone and everyone can find their favorite.

4: Energy Boaster
Cereal contain many good nutrition value. It is a healthy way to start the day.

1. Hidden chemicals
cereals do contain hidden chemicals. These chemicals have side effects. It can slowly lead to health decay.

2. Allergies
Some people get allergies due to chemicals of cereals.

3. Costly
If you eat cereal every single day, it can cost you more than you had actually imagined.

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