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Is raw meat good/bad for you?

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Meat is famous all over the world. Every one loves it. Meat always steals the show at a dinner party. But too much meat consumption can lead to several health problems. It is most likely to increase your cholesterol level.

Many countries tradition is to eat meat raw! Some people would find eating raw meat bizarre. But it has become quite popular and people are exploring this raw meat quite often. Many people enjoy the fact that it requires no cooking time!

It may taste good but the real question is if it is injurious for our health!

Let’s see few facts to determine if we should eat raw meat or not.

1. No Cooking required
Raw meat does not require any cooking, so adding a little bit of seasoning is enough to eat it. It saves time.

2. Improves digestion
Many people have said who tried eating raw meat consistently that their digestion system improved. They had less constipation. Cooked meat on the other hand gives you constipation.

3. Encourages eating meat moderately
Meat is good for us only when we eat it in moderation. Too much meat can increase cholesterol level, give a heart block, increase blood pressure etc. when you eat raw meat, you by default would eat less meat.

1. Can spread bacterial diseases
When protein is not cooked well, it can be a deadly infection starter. It can give you many bacterial diseases.

2. The smell
Many people cannot stand the smell of raw meat as it is very over powering.

3. Blood
If meat is not properly cleaned, it can still have blood in it. Blood is not always easy to digest. It can give you diarrhea.

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