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The Mysterious 7 layer Tea

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We all love tea. Tea is one of the most consumed beverage around the world. People living in cold countries consume more tea. Coffee lovers occasionally drink tea as well.

Tea can be drank in many ways. We can have a black tea. You can add flavor like ginger tea, mint tea, jasmine tea, green tea, milk tea, spiced tea etc.

You would be surprised to see so many variations. People usually drink it with milk or clear. One person named Romesh Ram Gour from Bangladesh took the tea making process on a different level. He invented 7 layer tea!

7 layer tea contains condense milk, spices, lemon juice, green tea and three different types of black tea.

The origin was in Bangladesh. It has become a local and tourists favorite beverage. People mostly try this tea just to experience it.

If you ever visit the country Bangladesh, you must try this tea.

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