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Is eating raw eggs safe for you?

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Many people eat raw eggs and find it very fascinating. Eating eggs is one of the most convenient options of breakfast all over the world. Most people enjoy it in scrambled, poached, stir fried and boiled form.

Some people like to half boil and eat it raw too. Eating it raw is convenient in terms that it takes less time. There is no cooking involved. It can be eaten anywhere. But the real question is if it is safe for you!

Let’s consider the pros and cons and see if you should continue eating raw eggs.

1. Time friendly
Raw things can be eaten quickly. It is time friendly. When you are in a hurry, it is a very good option.

2. Full of nutrition
Raw egg contains protein, vitamin A, E, B2, B5 etc.

3. Combat diseases
Raw eggs improves brain function, improves immune system, improves nervous system function etc.

1. Harmful Bacterial infection
Raw eggs can have salmonella bacteria. It can trigger food poisoning.

2. Caution during Pregnancy
Raw eggs can be very bad for pregnant women. Pregnant women can easily get infected by raw eggs. So they should avoid raw eggs all together.

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