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How To Dress When You’ve Got Big Boobs

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4 Is Not Better Than 2
We can’t talk about dressing for a busty frame without addressing bras. We’ll even argue that finding the right one — one that’s comfortable, supportive, and never slumps down so it appears like you have four, not two, breasts — is half the battle. Invest in at least a few full-coverage options that will provide the most supportive base beneath all your outfits.

This bra should be one that covers the whole breast and gives your chest shape without giving it an additional boost (unless that’s your preference). Thankfully, this doesn’t require backpack-size straps and bland colors only. Brands like ThirdLove, Wacoal, and Chantelleoffer super-pretty styles up to sizes G and H. If you’re still unsure of your size, get thee to a specialist — either online or in person — stat.

Thirdlove Lace Full Coverage Bra, $68, available at Thirdlove.

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