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10 Reasons Why We Should Love Cats

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A cat is a small animal or rather a pet usually reared at home. It’s a carnivorous mammal and has a lifespan of 15 years. Some people tend to think that cats are harmful and dangerous animals and consider them a threat the family especially toddlers and old people. As a student, you should learn about cats and be able to differentiate between the big cats (wild) cats even though nowadays they are being reared in our homesteads and small cat’s which was domesticated long time age. They are beautiful and playful animals around us and can turn out to be one of the most beautiful companions we have ever had. Most people keep them at their homestead because they play many roles in their lives, some do rear them because they can scare away rodents and snakes, others do because they don’t occupy much space in the house and can sleep or rest anywhere at the house. Cats do have good habits and are very neat, they don’t go around the house throwing cushions, pillows, toys and other stuff on the floor given that they are lazy and spends most of its time lying on the couch, bed, door mats or in the kitchen waiting for its owner to come back.
Here are ten good reasons why we should rear these beautiful animals:-

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