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12 Reasons Why Your Kid Should Not Be Given A Smartphone

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A Smartphone is an electronic device which is used for communication, entertainment, and internet exploration. This gadget has contributed to the globalization of the world since many people can communicate and interact with people across the world making things easier for mankind. The invention of this gadget has affected us both positively and negatively.

Parents should restrict their kids from spending too much time using their Smartphone because the effect can be felt be it at home, school or their work –place. This addiction to phones has to worry the state or country as a whole because it will soon affect both individual and the GDP of the country.

Smartphone manufacturers should also come up with a good plan to curb this behavior. They should come up with phones which suit teens. The phone should have apps for research, education and other resourceful materials which will help them grow into resourceful personnel in future, it should restrict them from accessing some sites which are not meaningful to them.

This gadget does have a good or positive side but it does not give them upper hand to misuse it. It’s needed when it comes to communication, education because lecturers can email the exams or CAT via SMS too. 

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