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10 Reasons Why You Should Not Be Materialistic

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Materialism is one of those the things we never wish to get caught up in. It is a concept running in our minds that the more materials we acquire, the happier we become. However, happiness is not all about material possessions and as a result; materialism makes our life more uncomfortable. Here are some ten reasons as to why you should not think of being materialistic.

  1. Goalposts keep on moving, forever


The greatest problem of being materialistic is that you will never get full satisfaction. As a matter of fact, the goal posts are always moving. As soon as you get a particular item, a greater craving for more is created. No matter the level of comfort you achieve, you will always crave to get more making your life uncomfortable once more. According to a psychological research, humans mind becomes astoundingly adapted to new possession then gets hastily assimilated to it making it normality. The need longing for the item therefore fades away and new cravings are created. Hence, you will never be satisfied either.

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