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Things That Are Not Considered Important For Interview But They Really Are

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There are times when people tend to ignore some basic things considering them unimportant or least important at interviews. But to be honest there are a lot of things that give your first impression to your potential employer. If you consider these things and try to be particular about them then your first impression could be a good impression.


Many people do not work clockwise and they think that the interview might not start at the expected time and so they can have a chance of being late or in today’s busy world things are never done like as they were planned to be. But remember that no matter what time the interview starts you must be there for the interview at the expected time. Always make sure you arrive at least 15 to 20 minutes early. There are many benefits of it; you will have plenty of time to get ready for the interview so you will not get nervous at the interview. You will also have an introduction with other interviewees around and get to know them. This will make you aware of their potentials to some extent and you will at least know your competitors.

Most people think that giving a stern and serious look at the interview portrays you as a serious and always hardworking person.  This is a completely wrong perception. Always keep a smile on your face, a gentle smile. It tells much more about you indirectly. It makes the employer judge how much confident you are. Being too much serious tells that you are nervous.

Always tell the truth about yourself and do not distort facts. Try to be yourself as employers do not want robots with perfection. They always look for a potential to learn and honesty in you. Do not hesitate from sharing your mistakes as all humans do that. What the employer is actually looking for is what did you learn from your mistakes and what efforts are you putting in to improve. Remember employers always look for individuals who have the ability to reflect upon their previous experiences and continuously make efforts to improve the ways you are doing the things.

Some interviewees make a blunder of giving a negative feedback about their previous employers thinking it is going to raise their image in the interviewers mind. Saying anything negative is going to make you suspicious and the employer might look bad on you more than your old employer. Always try to have a positive attitude and do not give an impression that is going to mar your interview. You might discuss the problems within that organization but not the employer. In that case, you are trying to give a message that the previous employer made a wrong decision by selecting you and the potential employer should not repeat the same.


Before leaving after the interview, be sure that you have all the information about the nature of the job and the organization that might help you decide whether you will be able to fit in or not. Many people think that it’s their interview so only the employer has the right to ask questions from them. They do not consider asking questions from the employer in order to address their own concerns important which is a wrong perception. Think about the information you need to have about the job that you are shortly going to start. Try to collect relevant information from the interviewer. Remember not to ask irrelevant and too many questions. You might ask questions about your job responsibilities, the staff you will be interacting with and your role and responsibilities in the current and future projects.


Many interviewees go for their job interviews in a new dress trying to have a good impression on their potential employer. Trying to impress your employer with your new dress is not a good idea. Your employer is not looking for a person who has a new dress but what he is looking for is your skills. Always dress yourself in a dress that is at least worn once otherwise you will be thinking about your dress and how it looks during the interview.  All the time you will be engrossed in this and it will divert your attention. If you wear a dress that you have worn before, you will be more comfortable in that. Do not try anything that is not a part of your routine dressing. If you want to be more comfortable during your interview then be yourself as much as possible.

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