Top 10 places you can visit in South Asia - Things You Need To Know Today


Top 10 places you can visit in South Asia

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We all love to travel around the world, because we want to see the beauty that the nature gives us. Even all of us want to do this, not all of us have the capacity to do so, because of the budget. There are too many beautiful places to go especially in South Asia part, so we can check the best 10 places below that we can plan to visit in the next few weeks.

  1. Bagan Temples at Myanmar


To give you a brief history of this place, Bagan is formerly known as Pagan, a capital kingdom from 9th to 13th centuries. This ancient place is known for some people to be one of the religious places as it has thousands of temples across the plains. Aside from temples, locals or visitors can also explore the place using bikes, horse and cart, taxi and even hot air balloon trip.

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