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Robots to help you in your household

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Gradually the human race in exceeding in technology and now they are on the verge of developing new things, which were only a dream for its ancestors. Now they are creating things which tend to create a better future for the human race. It’s only a matter of few decades when we were seeing robots in movies only, but now we are seeing robots helping us in our households.

Today, I am going to tell you about 8 robots to help you in your households because this is the year when science fiction will turn into science facts.

  1. Asus Zenbo

This is the top notch robot and first in our list. Zenbo has a lot to offer but the price of this robot is less than many expensive flagship smartphones. It only costs $599. Zenbo is the latest product of the state of the art technology and it will help you out in your every household. To stop itself from crashing into walls, Zenbo makes use of many cameras. If you are feeling bored in your home and have nothing to do. With its attractive touch screen, voice and speakers, you can have a good chat with it. And when you will be out from your home, it will take care of your older ones and will immediately inform you, when someone in your house will have an accident.

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