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Wedding Blunders and How to Avoid Them

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Wedding is the most important and happiest day of a man or woman’s life. Everybody wants to have a picture –perfect wedding and this high expectation brings lots of pressure and thus causes various unexpected and heartbreaking blunders. But some simple planning with cautious steps can turn all those mortifying mistakes into mesmerizing moments to cherish forever! Here are 10 tips to make your dream wedding come true:

  1. Budget First: Don’t make the mistake of jumping into planning before making the budget. You cannot plan it well unless you know how much you are willing to spend. So before starting any single work, sit down with both parties and bring out the budget first.
  2. Spending All on Dress: Definitely the dress of the bride is the main attraction but that doesn’t mean you have to spend the whole budget for your grooming on that! Keep in mind that you have to afford other things like jewelries, hair accessories, undergarments, shoes etc.
  3. Choosing Flowers Wisely: While booking a florist, have open discussions with him. He will only guess the flower which is going to bloom during your wedding, but there may be some mishaps. Therefore always have some backup flowers for the time of need.
  4. Careful about the Cake: The cake is a big deal in the wedding. Make sure to have a reference before the wedding. Also order the size of cake estimating the number of guest, otherwise falling short will be a real embarrassment.
  5. Overdoing the Dieting: To fit and look perfect, brides sometimes cross the limit of their wedding diet. Again all those excitement and nervousness also cause losing weight. As a result they lack their natural beauty becoming skinny bride. Don’t be so hard on yourself, girls! Don’t let those beautiful dresses hang on like draperies on you.
  6. Serve the Schedule: Try making a schedule of the things that are in the program like cake-cutting, toasting and dances. Sometimes people like brother of bride, go here and there and miss out some important segment which is very saddening.
  7. Reserve for Rain: If you are planning an outside wedding, take precaution for rain, so that people can take shelter and arrangements are not ruined or can be moved to a safer place.
  8. Give Your Partner a Part: Brides sometimes get so obsessed with their weddings that they rule out the opinion of the grooms. Hey! Your man is getting married too! Give importance to his wishes and dreams and see him smiling, bet that will be the most precious thing in your wedding.
  9. Don’t Rush &Hire A Videographer Too: Photos capture the memories but videographers will capture you being breathless saying the vows, dancing with your favorite music list and so on! People don’t bother about videographers but they will add life to your wedding memories. Again, within so many segments, it becomes almost impossible to find some steady moment to take decent photos. So if you can’t find time out, take photos separately before wedding so that only couple photos are left to be taken later. By this you can save time and won’t ruin your precious photos.
  10. Don’t Sill the Plans: It’s obvious for bride and groom to share their ideas with their near and dear ones. But they also should keep in mind, the more they share the more opinions they will get. So it’s easy to be confused in wedding. Also there will be copy cats to copy your ideas because some of them will obviously get married before you. So try to minimize the number of shared views.

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