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What Makes A Woman Love Diamond More Than Anything

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They say diamond is a woman’s best friend. Well, they say right! I mean what can be better than that shiny, glittery thing which not only adds to your beauty but also complements your personality. Wondering what makes them gaga for diamonds? Then let’s find out!

This precious gemstone has always been the center of attraction from the beginning of its discovery. It goes through a lot of process from the starting point. Naturally it takes plenty of time, temperature and pressure to give birth to a diamond. Because of the painful reason to get it on, this is precious to women certainly.

Among the jewels, diamonds are the most sparkly one. There are rubies, there are sapphires but then there is diamond. No other jewel sparkles as diamond which gives it one lap ahead then others for sure.

Again diamonds are highly symbolical. A diamond can symbolize how loved and cherished a woman for his lover or husband. This says to the woman to never on behalf of her man. A diamond given on graduation or any other occasion can symbolize how the parents or other family members are proud of the person given to.

Another thing special about diamond is that it comes with a wide range of variety. It can be turned into any shape, cut and color and any piece of jewelry. From square to princess cut, black to pink diamond it has to offer many. Also it can be studs on the ear, ring on the finger, bracelets on the wrist or a hanging pendant from the neck.

Another way women can relate to diamonds is that their uniqueness. As every woman is unique, no two diamonds are same. Therefore, the women can cherish her jewelry as a piece of her personality, a part of their own spirit.

The certain reason to desire diamonds is obviously its value. Diamonds are very much expensive. Therefore when a woman receives it, she too immediately feels valuable and it boosts her ego. It makes her feel the money invested in the diamond is worth it.

Diamond is also a symbol of beauty. And a thing of beauty is joy forever! So if men want to make their women feel beautiful, they must go buy her a diamond now! It also shows their eternal love for her. No matter what is the reason, the look in her eyes will make it worth it for sure. If men are not ready to pop the question, they may go for a necklace, but if they have already been there, a diamond ring will increase the possibility of hearing “yes” for sure!

Since women are strong these days and like to pamper and take care of themselves, investing money in diamond business is a good idea for them too. Many women are fond of taking control of their lives these days and buying diamonds on their own, so the diamonds become the symbol of their strength and status.

Though diamonds are absolute need to blind your enemies, but obsession with diamonds sometimes become harmful. Giving diamond rings on wedding have become tradition but they are not absolute necessary. So obsession for it can cause trouble in paradise! Again diamonds are overpriced obviously, which can cause burden on your beloved man. Again don’t judge your men by the size of your diamond. He has to go a lot of troubles to get things together and pull off the wedding, so hold on to the reign of your obsession. Don’t measure the love of your man by the diamond jewelry he gives you.


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