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The Most Authentic Drinks of India

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Whenever we hear the word India, the first thing that comes to our mind is loads of assorted cuisines. Over the centuries, drinks have been playing a notable contribution to the authentic Indian cuisine. India has so much to offer with its mouth-watering, refreshing drinks. These drinks have maintained their legacy and acceptance from ancient times.

India’s Most Authentic Drinks:

India ensures an immense variety in drinks and beverages. It has almost 128 states and each of them flaunts drinks with their individual spices, aroma, and flavor. Leading drinks according to their popularity are as follows:

  1. Lassi:

Lassi is the most consecutive yogurt based drink. It is basically originated in the Punjab region but it can be found everywhere in India. There are several varieties found in lassi such as mango lassi, salted lassi, chocolate lassi, sweet lassi and so on.

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