How to Lose Weight with Different Diets - Things You Need To Know Today


How to Lose Weight with Different Diets

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One of the biggest health concerns across the globe is obesity. People who may be termed as “Obese” are more prone to critical diseases like diabetes, cardiac arrest and cancer. Everyone should be well-aware of their ideal weight according to BMI Index and maintain that at any cost. Well, there are some safe yet effective ways to loss the extra pounds to attain a balanced state of body and mind. Folks who are physically fit, they are mentally stable and tend to be successful both in personal and professional life. Below are given some tried and tasted diet plans that will help you achieve the shape you long for –

  1. Fat flush diet:

This diet plan stresses on very low intake of carbohydrates. The principle idea is to concentrate on liver as a fat burning mechanism. It attempts at the purification of liver that theoretically melts fat and cellulite away from the waist, hips and thighs. During the process, a right combination of foods and a specific eating schedule boost metabolism and burn those extra pounds effectively.

  1. The Grape fruit diet:


This is basically a diet plan with grapes or grape juice at every meal. Foods can be seasoned with dressings, butter or species. A good number of caveats include no extremely hot and cold food, nothing prepared on aluminum utensils and keeping protein enriched meals and starch meals at least four hours away. Adapted for more than 80 years, the diet promises a speedy weight loss with a daily caloric intake less than 1000 calories.

  1. Master cleanse diet:

Basically it is a liquid diet to detoxify the body and fuel the weight loss process. The diet is supposed to be strictly followed for a specific period of time that varies from 3 to 10 days. It contains three phases-

  1. Ease In,
  2. the Lemonade Diet
  3. Ease out.

The diet aims at purifying the body , making it healthier and energizing effectively in the process of weight loss.

  1. Mediterranean diet-

One of the most popular and followed by a huge number of people around the globe, this diet plan is simple yet comes with multiple health benefits. It focuses on an overall healthy lifestyle through consumption of fresh foods and exercise. Originated from the traditional eating habits of coastal regions of Southern Italy, Crete and Greece it includes vegetables and legumes, fresh fruits, olive oil, moderate portion of fish, poultry, red wine. The meal plan fuels weight loss in an effective way and lowers the risk of heart diseases, stroke and diabetes .Some studies suggest following the Mediterranean diet also reduce the risks of Parkinson disease , Alzheimer’s disease and cancer.

  1. Cabbage soup diet:

The meal plan promotes a limited diet principally made of cabbage soup for a week in order to loss weight very quickly. People eyeing an hourglass figure for a special occasion can easily opt for the diet. It helps to loss 10 pounds in a week. It might show quick results but certainly lack health value. It should be adapted under the strict observation of a dietitian with maximum caution.

A healthy body ensures a peaceful state of mind. Physical and mental health is intricately connected. You can follow any of the diet plans with proper guidance from your dietitian and bring all the positive vibes in your daily life.

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