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Foods To Avoid In Constipation

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The root of your constipation might be as close as your menu. There are certain foods that lead to constipation. The lack of fiber in your daily food chart is a major factor that results into constipation. A little extra care can save you from this common health problem and help you lead a healthy life.  You can find some relief by avoiding the following foods and replacing them with something healthy.

Dairy Products: Cheese, ice cream, and other dairy products are notoriously famous for foods causing constipation. High in fat and low in fiber, they are pretty tough to digest for a large group of people including toddlers. So the next time your sweet tooth bites you hard, go for fruit salads or sorbets instead of ice cream or other milk products.

Red Meat: Though they are not directly responsible for constipation, they replace fiber rich options in your menu if consumed daily. So you need to make sure red meat is accompanied by fiber rich foods like baked potato ( with extra emphasis on the skin ) and large salads.

Chips: A totally unhealthy option for a snack , they replace healthier fiber rich options and ultimately leads to constipation. Opt for foods like nuts, multi grain bars or fruits to deal with your hunger pangs to take care of this issue.

Frozen Dinners: They might come handy when you are wired up in your hectic schedule but your body pays a huge price for this. Low in fiber and high in fat, they are also loaded with sodium. Sodium locks the water and dilutes the salt, preventing it from pushing waste through the body. So, take that extra effort to prepare yourself a wholesome meal to combat constipation.

Desserts and Cookies: Who can willingly deny a bite of delicious pastries or cookies or cakes and cup cakes? No one, right? But if you happen to be one of those health conscious fellows of unlucky ones dealing with constipation, you must watch out. These desserts are rich in fats, low in fiber and low in fluid. Ultimately, they lead towards constipation.

Unripe Bananas: While ripe bananas are a great cure for constipation, unripe ones do the exact opposite. So always remember to choose ripe bananas and you can enjoy them as a healthy dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Fried Foods: Fried foods like burgers, French fries, fried meat balls and even utterly breaded good food, fish have a tendency to move slowly through your digestive tract. They can also slow up your normal gastronomical functions. Hence, in order to fight constipation and lead a healthy life, avoiding these are highly recommended for all.

Gluten: Gluten causes constipation on a case by case basis. If you do not have any gluten allergy but are constantly dealing with constipation, you should consult a doctor and restructure your daily food chart.

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