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Health benefits of activated almonds

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Nutrient inhibitors and toxic substances in oilseeds, seeds, and grains are decreased or eliminated by soaking. These inhibitors and toxic substances include enzyme inhibitors, phytate (phytic acid), polyphenols (tannins) and goitrogens.

Almonds are among the most nutritious oilseeds. They are rich in vitamin E, magnesium, and fiber. Those activated by germination, they have been soaked for several hours to eliminate the enzyme inhibitors (which makes them much easier to digest) and multiply their nutritive value by Initiating the germination process.

They are then dehydrated at low temperature to retain their benefits, to be able to keep them long and to restore all their crunch.

Health benefits of activated almonds

A daily consumption of almonds helps to adopt good eating habits. Eating about 10 almonds a day would encourage you to consume more protein-rich foods and fewer “empty calorie” foods (products that are high in fat and/or sugar and have no nutritional value). After three weeks of a diet rich in active almonds, you consume much more vitamin E and magnesium, two nutrients under-consumed by the majority of adults and children.

Almonds also last longer than industrial products rich in sugars and cause you to consume less salt.

Activated almonds are rich in monounsaturated fats, “good” fats that contribute to good cardiovascular health. Thus, 30 grams of almonds contains 13 grams of unsaturated fats and 1 gram of saturated fats.

Besides diabetes, cholesterol also increases cardiovascular risk. The synthesis of the results of 25 scientific studies showed that consuming 67 grams of activated almonds per day reduced total cholesterol by an average of 5.1% in participants (adults with high cholesterol, or with a standard rate). Also, this daily consumption reduced the “bad” cholesterol by 7.4% and increased the “good” cholesterol by 8.3%, thanks to the action of phytosterols.

Regular consumption of activated almonds (unsalted) would make it possible to combat hypertension due to their high potassium content. This trace element helps to regulate blood pressure by eliminating excess sodium in the blood. In 2013, a study indicated that increasing potassium intakes helped reduce blood pressure in people with hypertension. The same study, which was based on 22 randomized trials, explained that a significant quantity of potassium in the blood reduces the risk of stroke by 24%.

In addition to being an edible power food, they are also used as a popular ingredient in many creams and lotions, not to mention being transformed into a popular alternative to regular milk.

Activated almonds are crunchy and easy to eat, and with all the health benefits they bring, it is well worth introducing them into your daily diet.

Consuming almonds help reduce the risk of a heart attack, help reduce “bad” cholesterol and given their high calcium and phosphorus content, they are great for maintaining strong bones and teeth.

More importantly, almonds are the only nut and one of the very few proteins around that actually alkalize the body. When your body is not alkaline enough, there is a risk of osteoporosis, poor immune function, low energy levels and weight gain.

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