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Teens Makeup Tips

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In adolescence, young people are often torn between the temptation to follow makeup trends and the limits imposed by their parents. Here are some tips to reconcile everyone.

Even if, when you are a teenager, you are generally anxious to grow old (it should pass quickly), you must keep one thing in mind: nothing like the natural. Instead of embarking on all the trends found on Instagram, it’s advisable and recommended to emphasize your beauty, in transparency and simplicity, in order to benefit as much as possible from this freshness that the whole world envy you. This will allow you to train, and if you become a real makeup addict then you will be ready to go to the next level when the time comes.

The complexion

Talking about makeup, there is really no much to do to highlight the teen complexion. The skin is young, fresh, and covering it with foundation would only damage it and age prematurely.

Yet sometimes the temptation can be strong, especially when we suffer from acne. Difficult indeed to assume pimples, scars, black dots or dilated pores. But consider the fact that disguise under layers of the face powder will only aggravate the situation. If you really cannot do otherwise, imperatively prefer products of the exact color of your skin, non-comedogenic, and bet on the corrective sticks, which apply only to problem areas. To cover possible shades, use a translucent mineral powder on the T-zone (forehead-nose-chin).

If your skin does not show any blemishes but your complexion looks bland, choose a very light touch of blush on the top of the cheekbones to give you a good look.

The eyes

To sublimate and enlarge the look while remaining natural, we focus on the lashes and we accord a tip of mascara. Do not forget the eyebrows, whose hair is slightly epilated under the line and between the eyes before combing them upwards. Easy and fast, these gestures make all the difference!

The Mouth

To revive the mouth while you look after it, you put on a lip balm, transparent or tinted. From time to time, if the lips are not chapped, we crack for a nice gloss or a lipstick discreet. Why not a nude matte hyper trend?


On the side of the manicure, (almost) everything is allowed! It is the ideal ground of expression for those who do not want to make tons on the face. We have fun with flashy colors or nail art at will.

The hair

To display a shiny and healthy mane, we need the right products. The ideal ritual? A good shampoo, a nourishing mask, and a dry shampoo to refresh and to keep between two washes.

For the hairstyle, as for the nails, it is fun to follow all the trends. Braid, half-bun, original ponytail…

Fresh and soft skin for a long time

As a teenager, it is important to take care of the skin to have the least possible makeup. For a glowing complexion and a youthful skin longer, two simple and essential steps are necessary morning and evening: cleaning and hydration. Again, the choice of products is crucial. We opt for soft formulas and adapted to the skin type. Attention is also paid to possible collateral damage due to cleanings, such as dryness or redness (and later fine lines) caused by limestone or product residues. For this, we make the thermal water our best friend and we rinse the skin with this miracle spray after each cleaning.

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