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Funny Habits of pets

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Funny Habits of pets

Pets are the cutest things around us. We adore them because they are family and like other family members they have weird, funny habits too. We cannot help noticing that our cats do some stuff quite similar to other cats and dogs have their own kind and it is also applicable for other animals too. These stuffs are weird and funny at the same time. Sometimes it is seen that scientific explanations are there for their habits and that is may be because we always want to know what is going in the mind of these little ones!
It is commonly seen that cats do not like water that much and giving them bath becomes really troublesome. Sometimes we laugh seeing their irritable wet faces. On the other hand dogs love water and enjoy bath most of the time. Cats hate bath and dogs love it, may be because their bodies are different. Cats have more fur which takes more time to dry and they do not love to be wet and cold for a long time. Both the situations, cats hating water and dogs loving it, give us the opportunity to make great memories.
We all love to watch a cat stretching and we often say how lazy it is all the time. Cats actually sleeps 12 to 16 hours a day and they stretch a lot so that they can become active after a long sleep. So the cat wakes up, stretches its body and it is ready to run after a mouse.

Another funny thing cats and dogs do after pooping; they always try to bury their poop. Though they have not enough material to cover it completely, they will not give up and try their best to get the work done with what they have near them. If they have food near them, they will just go ahead with that. Scientists think that it is a precautionary method for them as they belong to the wild they do not want other animals to smell their poop and find them easily. Domestic cats and dogs try to do that because it is their nature as a wild animal.
Most of the time we see a bored dog chasing their tail and it seems really funny as we know they will not be able to get hold of that. Some animal experts say that chasing the tail can be the reason of a particular disorder in dogs. Again it can be just an itch which is bothering them or actually a pure entertainment when they are bored.
Apart from these there are many habits and behaviors of our pets make us laugh and some of them make us realize how much we love and adore them. The little funny habits give us moments of joy and those memorable moments peep through our minds when we are away from them. They are very important part of our lives and we cherish every moment with them.

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