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How to Revibe your Spirit in This Summer

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Energy balance is a subtle link between body, mind and emotions. The outside environment comes last. In addition, it is essential to question the source (origins) of the imbalances before seeking to resolve the symptoms.

A departure on vacation is often subject to “Wow! What luck you have! “Sometimes accompanied by reproaches, envious glances, even jealous, but also work overload before and after holidays, stress related to logistical preparation, negative anticipations and finally, some fatigue or even a great frustration. How to concoct a vitamin cocktail that gives you the opportunity to take advantage of these days of rest essential to start the new season?

  1. Take care of the preparations … and leave with peace of mind

Naturally, if you are single, your return to work looks light and you plan to join a few friends in a luxurious house to sip fruity cocktails all day, just take the sunscreen and the swimsuit.

However, if you are the parents of 3 children and rent a cottage in a remote village, the list of unavoidable things to plan is long. If you work 14 hours a day and plan a break of 3 weeks, the return may be charged. If you’re on a trek in the backcountry of Malawi, with your backpack and the goal of discovering the country and its civilization, you need to plan drop-off points, possible treatments and the right equipment.

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