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What Our Pets Think about Us!

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What Our Pets Think about Us!

Our pets are our best friend. They are precious to us because they never let us feel alone, not even in hardest time of our life. As soon as we are home they come running as if they were waiting for us. May be this is the truth that they wait for us; they wait so that they can be around us and feel the warmth of love that we have for them. Sometimes it occurs to us what actually our pets are thinking about us! We wonder, do they really understand us or not? Do they feel the same way as we do? All these questions come to the mind of a pet owner but it is also true that the behavior of our pets tell a lot about their thinking.
When we are talking about thoughts and behavior of the pets, the first thing that comes to our mind is that our pets can differentiate us from other people. When they fear even the slightest danger they come running to the owner. They show love and affection to us not to any random person. Scientists say that most of the pets have the ability to recognize their owner based on scents. But whatever it is, this behavior shows that they have a special place in their mind and heart for us.

Again many scientific studies show that our pets actually consider the family, they are living in as their own. When we bring a little dog or a kitten to our home and start giving them love and care, it feels that it belongs to that home. It is not at all impossible that they think the owner as its parent. We love the idea too that they may think us as their mum or dad as we love them not less than our child and surely they rely on us for love, affection and protection.
Sometimes we become really surprised with their behavior and sometimes really annoyed too. But there could be deep meaning in their little naughty habits and if we analyze we will surely be more surprised. Often it is seen that our cat brings a dead mouse and place it before us though it has plenty of foods to eat in the house. It can be simply their nature to hunt or it can be that they want to give us something to impress us and it is surely a pleasant idea that they also want to do something for us.

It seems that though we cannot exactly determine what is going on in our pet’s mind, we obviously can assume some of their thoughts as we live with them for years. They are family, in fact they are our babies and they also consider us as family and never want to leave us. When they look into our eyes and make eye contact with us, we can see love and affection for us and surely they see the same things in our eyes too.

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