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Why You Should Visit Sumba Island

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Sumba Island is in the East Nusa Tenggara province in eastern Indonesia. The island occupies an area of 11,059.6 square kilometres. The place has a surprising and spectacular surf scene unknown to many visitors. The charming azure waters and sandy beaches which you can enjoy on your own make Sumba Island special. The place offers a great opportunity to learn about the local culture with fascinating structures related to the members of the long gone royal family. The traditions and structures in this area are much different from those found in rest of Indonesia. The natural variety of the place including nice hillsides, lakes, and some of its waterfalls are its other attractions. The place is easy to reach by boat or plane and is a great chance for nature lovers. Here are some of the places you can visit in Sumba Island.

Weekuri Lake
Located at a short distance from Tamolaka Airport, Weekuri Lake is the one of the easiest-to-visit places. It’s a beautiful saltwater lagoon receiving water from the adjacent sea and the sunshine creates amazing emerald-like sparkles on it. The lake water is shallow, so you can’t swim here. But you can paddle around the lake but you have to be careful about the coral. It would be best to visit the lake at the time of sunset when you can enjoy the sun’s glow on the lake water.

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