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10 Restaurants You Should Visit While Visiting Canada

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Canada is a developed country which is located in North America. Canada has nine provinces namely; British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, new Brunswick, prince Edward island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Labrador. It borders United States of America. It covers about 9.9 million square kilometers thus making it the second largest country by the total area it covers. The climate in Canada varies. Some parts are extremely cold during winter and some are warm during winter season. Most of the people live in cities or town.

It’s covered by forest, mountains and fresh lakes across its land which makes it suitable for a wild animal to inhibit even though some regions have a harsh climate which consists of frozen ice throughout the year. The people of Canada are friendly and social. Canada has luxurious restaurants with ambient serene which is breathtaking. Most of the world class restaurants offer the buffet which consists of local food, Chinese food, African food and western food which are tasty and one cannot miss taking it when he or she visits Canada whether on a business trip or as a tourist.

Here is some of the best restaurant you should check in while in Canada:-

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