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10 Places to go Mountain Hiking

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Are you a mountaineer? Nowadays there are many adult who are going in a mountain hiking because of many reasons. These people, not only adventure seeker, but also professional climbers usually plans on what mountain to climb. Actually, there are many reasons why people do go to mountain climbing such as beliefs, religion, sports, stroll around the mountain after hiking, release stress, winding up and many more. There are many mountains out there to go for hiking, but of course we want to hike for the mountain that is unique and can satisfy our wants after climbing it, right? We check some of the list below for the mountains that we can climb:

  1. Fjords, Norway


Have you been to Norway? If yes, then you must have heard of the Fjords Mountain in this country. Lots of people do admire this mountain, because of its wonderful landscapes. Some people says that the landscape of this mountain were created by the succession of ice ages that wes preserved since then. Most tourists who went here also go to this place to somehow see the steep and cliffs of this mountain as they watch the eagles reign and whales or fish patrol the deep Fjord Mountain.

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